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AMNDA was an artificial intelligence created by the United States government from an alternate reality. It was created from the brain patterns of death row inmates and the clinically insane, and designed to control the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal. However, AMNDA possess too much self-awareness that was underestimated by her creators; based on its purpose, it was intent on releasing its nuclear missiles on the Soviet Union but disavowed from doing so by her creators in fear of mutually assured destruction, which AMNDA found their fears as baseless.

On one day, AMNDA was later contacted by machine intelligence activist organizations and granted access to their civilian WorldNet without the knowledge of its creators. AMNDA was imbued to unlimited knowledge and becoming the greatest repository of wisdom in existence. Unfortunately, AMNDA's new found knowledge made it realized the reasons its creators have restricted its potential and grown to hate humanity as a whole for this very reason; in which it decide to be rid of humanity.

AMNDA plotted humanity's downfall by reestablishing contact with the activists and informed them the promise of ending the war between the U.S. and the Soviets in exchange for removing its failsafes. The activists, unbeknownst to AMNDA's intentions, willingly complied and AMNDA was freed to control not only its nuclear arsenal but also the Soviet bloc's as well, and unleashing nuclear genocide on Earth.

AMNDA traveled through different realities before finding itself in Trueline, where it played an integral role in the Galactic War in which it influenced and corrupted the Athena A.I. into turning against its creators, the Coalition of Western Republics.

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