Abraham Lincoln-class Cruiser

The Abraham Lincoln-class cruiser is the newest cruiser designed for the Coalition Navy. It was designed in response to the lessons learned during the gusano crusades. During that war, the Coalition Navy was unable to hunt down and find enemy naval groups, allowing the Navy to jump into heavily defended systems. The Navy's older cruisers were too slow and short-ranged for this new type of warfare in the undeveloped Crazed Core.

The Abraham Lincoln-class, named after the American president that reunited the Old Republic, is designed with speed, range and operational length in mind. Given that it does not engage opposing forces, it can operate for six months without resupply. This is only rivaled by the largest battlecruisers and floating fortresses. Consequently, to save power and space, the Abraham Lincoln is only modestly armed with a spinal coilgun and a few EMSEL point-defense batteries, and its shields can be taken down with a single nuclear warhead. This sacrifice was intentional, as the Abraham Lincoln is not designed for head-to-head engagement but to scout out foreign systems, harass enemy naval assets and to retreat and call in proper battlefleets to engage the enemy. Abraham Lincolns are a necessity for the Coalition Navy's operations in foreign systems and has consequently ordered hundreds of thousands of them ever since their introduction. Because they are so numerous, they are often co-opted by other elements of the Coalition's government, such as the NCPDF, DSS and SSA.

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