The Anglian Civil War was a conflict between the Kingdom of South Anglia and the Protectorate of Lancaster. The conflict ensued following the failed revolt against the Anglian government in 2698 and the founding of the Protectorate of Lancaster by anti-Phoenix Party elements.


The civil war is traced back to South Anglia's war against the Republic of China and a renewed sense of nationalism that gave rise to the Phoenix Party that subsequently dominate the South Anglian government through engineering staged significant terrorist attacks in South Anglia with clandestine support from the United Technocracies of Man. Under the Phoenix Party, the South Anglian government established an authoritarian rule and organized a violent purge of alleged "communist" and "Yankee" influenced dissidents. The Phoenix Party was not without any rivals, as anti-Phoenix politicians and rebels of all beliefs and ideologies were united to seeing the overthrow of their mutual enemy. However, proactive rebellions against the Phoenix-government only allowed the Phoenix Party to increasing their hold over South Anglia. Consequently, Roman Catholics were slowly persecuted as theocrats came to dominate the anti-Phoenix resistance. Subsequently, the anti-Phoenix resistance changed from overthrowing the government to favor of creating a separatist state outside of Phoenix Party control.

The turning point against the Phoenix-government exacerbated in 2698 when a Catholic anarchist (who is unaffiliated to any anti-Phoenix organizations) detonated a nuclear device in the South Anglian Parliament to start an attempted revolution. The revolution was easily crushed, but the chaos that followed allowed the theocrats and various other anti-Phoenix elements to rise up to take advantage. Soon, a group of religious politicians and anti-Phoenix military commanders with support from the Coalition of Western Republics declared the foundation of the Protectorate of Lancaster.

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