Aristov-class Cruiser

Aristov class cruiser by rvbomally-d9t6d7g.png
Aristov-class Cruiser
  • Role: Rapid Response
  • Length: 350 meters
  • Weapons Systems: Four EMSEL cannon turrets
  • Country of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Users: United Technocracies, Countless minor interstellar factions

Unlike most warships that participated in the Collapse, the Aristov-class cruiser has its humble origins as a civilian transport craft. The Soviet Navy realized that their colonial transports were already well-equipped to operate independently of a fleet, and many Soviet colonies outfitted their transports with weapons as makeshift defense against raiders and possible xeno encounters. The Aristov-class sacrifices the transport sections in its middle for four EMSEL turrets and a fission core powerful enough to keep the ship operational for months on end, but is otherwise unmodified from its civilian origins.

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