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Asturian Empire
Flag of
Language: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy/Theocracy

The Asturian Empire is a "mutt" nation formed out of necessity more than anything else and found by a strange mix of Latin American and Chinese immigrants that colonized very resource-poor territory on Neu Stuttgart IV.


The fervent nationalism that gripped many colonists was destroyed by a mutual need of two very different cultures to survive on a world where everything was against them. However, the Asturian Empire is far from racially equal: the Spanish-speaking white Americans that accompanied their Hispanic subjects became the monarchic ruling class over a caste system where darker skin meant lower class. This allowed for a mestizo and Han middle class to oppress their darker neighbors in exchange for loyalty to the crown.

The Asturian royalty did incorporate many elements of both Spanish and Chinese government, such as turning Roman Catholicism (with the king as the new pope) into the state religion and the ideas of Chinese legalism and the Mandate of Heaven. The result was Asturia evolving into an extremely autocratic state, where the king was seen as the unchallenged successor of St. Peter, vicar of Christ and the will of God made flesh. This was enforced by the Inquisition, which sought to root out heresy and dissent. The Inquisition served both the church and the state as an elite secret police force that had all manner of torture available to it. Asturian state television often broadcast heretics being burned at the stake throughout the country, a clear message to any who would oppose the will of God. Internationally, Asturia became very close to the Republic of Milleaux, but regarded the Holy Dominion of Christendom and Firanja Confederacy as heretic states and frequently waged crusades against them. When Asturia's military collapsed, it too was taken over by the Coalition.