The Brotherhood is purportedly the largest and most successful of the galaxy's terrorist organizations, and also the most enigmatic. The Brotherhood operates almost exclusively in the United Technocracies of Man, and its only goal seems to be the destruction of the United Technocracies and opposition to the First Citizen. Although little information leaks out from the United Technocracies, the Technocracies claims that the Brotherhood has infiltrated its entire society and uses claims of membership when disposing of its citizens.

Many outside the United Technocracies claim that the Brotherhood does not actually exist and is a tool used by the state itself to root out potential dissidents and to justify the Technocracies' totalitarian system. Brotherhood activity outside of the United Technocracies is always accused of being the work of the Ministries of Love and Truth. However, the generally-accepted theory is that there is a legitimate resistance organization called the Brotherhood, which does have the stated goal of overthrowing the United Technocracies government, but most Brotherhood action is carried out by the Technocracies government. Whether or not the Brotherhood existed independently of the Technocracies government and was used in this fashion, or the Technocracies government fabricated the Brotherhood and grew into an actual organization is a major point of contention.

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