Sol System
Type Planet (lapsed), Planetoid (lapsed),
Geist World
Orbital Distance N/A
Orbital Period N/A
Keplerian Ratio N/A
Radius N/A
Day Length N/A
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity 0.067 g
Mass N/A
Satellites Hades
Species Human (colonists)
Capital N/A
Population N/A

Chthon was the disputed ninth planet of the Sol System that was discovered in the early 20th century. For unknown circumstances, the planet collapsed on itself in an event called the "Chthon Incident" and becoming a Geist World.


Discovered in 1928, Chthon was rumored to be the fabled “ninth planet” that interfered with the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. When it was later discovered that its mass is far too small to be the rumored world, the search continued but Chthon kept its title as the ninth planet in the Sol System. Its status as a planet was solid until the mid-21st century, when the United States challenged its status in order to sidestep the Solar System Treaty, which stated that military forces cannot be based on planets but said nothing about planetoids. The American claim was challenged by Germany and the Soviet Union, the dispute only being resolved by all three superpowers establishing military bases on the world. The main American base, Miskatonic Research Station, was a premier institution for interstellar science, making huge strides in the continued development of Alkaev engines and zero-gravity ship construction. For many years until the Collapse, Chthon served as a naval base for the three superpowers, allowing all three to access their interstellar possessions and project their power throughout the stars with ease.

The issue of Chthon’s status as a planet was finally resolved on January 16, 2239 when an event simply known as the “Chthon Incident” occurred. For reasons lost to the Collapse and the centuries of war in the Sol System that followed, the world simply collapsed on itself, taking its moon with it. A tremendous amount of gravity was “radiated” out for several miliseconds, a “wave” that can still be intercepted by stations five hundred light years away from the Sol System. Surviving records indicate that the Chthon Incident actually altered the orbits of every planet in the Solar System, notably extending the Earth year by .0025 seconds. But the mystery of Chthon does not end there.

For reasons as of yet unknown to modern science, Chthon still “exists” gravitationally. A gravity well exists where Chthon and Hades would be, still orbiting Sol and still exerting a gravitational pull on any objects nearby. Since Chthon doesn’t actually exist, most objects simply “fall” into its core and get stuck there unless some outside force moves it away. Small debris is already clumping at the “core” of Chthon and Hades, bringing forth the possibility of the planet’s existence. Oddly, any object that passes Chthon’s “surface” ceases to have a gravitational pull of its own. This makes Chthon the textbook example of a Geist World.

Apart from this gravitational anomaly, Chthon also has other mysteries up its sleeve. For centuries after the Chthon Incident, the Geist World has occasionally emitted mysterious talkie and fernsehen transmissions. All are undecipherable, pure white noise, but some are rumored to have been created by intelligent beings and deciphered by various agencies and organizations. After the Coalition takeover of Earth, Chthon was declared a no-fly zone and a small Navy battlegroup is perpetually stationed around it, perhaps putting an end to these legends for good.

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