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Coloradan Federation
Type of Government: Authoritarian Oligarchy

The Coloradan Federation is an authoritarian oligarchy that is one of the few states left in the galaxy to practice non-state slavery and a power in the 60-120 Zone. Descended from a remnant of the Imperial Navy and founded by an eccentric admiral who led one of the most successful campaigns during the Collapse, Colorado has sided with the Republic of Acadia against the United Technocracies-backed Greater Seidonian Protectorate and Imperial Commonwealth of the Milky Way.


Battlegroup 141, a collection of warships of the United States Navy, was charged with the nuclear bombardment of European colonies that had “fallen to communism,” which really meant any colonies that didn’t immediately surrender to United States authority. The battlegroup did their job well, a bit too well: they raided the ships of their German allies to steal more nuclear warheads and went on a rampage against the Soviet Union’s interstellar empire. For three decades the battlegroup flew around Soviet-occupied space, raiding settlements for supplies and weapons before bombing them to oblivion. Eventually, when the Americans finally accepted that their home country was finished, they overran the British garrison in the Ogford system and set up shop. Ogford was turned into a nuclear hell in the process. Their leader, Admiral Jefferson Kong, was a loyal American but also romanticized his home state of Colorado and (after much dispute with the other captains of the battlegroup) proclaimed the Coloradan Federation, with a government that operates similarly to the old Empire. The Federation went on to conquer many worlds around the area, normally with liberal use of nuclear weapons, before encountering the Imperial Commonwealth of the Milky Way and the Republic of Acadia. Colorado aligned itself with Acadia against the Imperial Commonwealth, but the war ended with a stalemate. Wars between the two states would be common throughout the centuries, especially once the Imperial Commonwealth began receiving support from the United Technocracies.


The modern Coloradan Federation is nominally a confederation led by a President elected by the governors of constituent worlds, but in fact the opposite is the case. The President appoints every governor in the Coloradan Federation, rules for life and has unlimited power. The Coloradan bureaucracy is united into one single branch; a group of Councilors appointed by the President serve as the Cabinet, legislature and the judiciary simultaneously. Coloradan law enforcement is relatively tame for the galaxy; torture and capital punishment are used regularly, but regular mass killings are still something the Coloradans can’t stomach. The Coloradan government is dominated by an unofficial aristocracy, the descendants of Battlegroup 141’s captains. Most Coloradan companies and government agencies are run by this aristocracy; offices are passed from parent to child. Colorado legalized slavery during the second war against the Imperial Commonwealth, when civilian manpower was consumed by the war. However, the enslaving of humans has become more unpopular throughout the years, as an influx of xeno slaves from the Solanum States and other polities throughout the galaxy make buying the more morally acceptable option cheaper than ever before. The Federation is strongly capitalist, and corporations work closely with the government to ensure that their rights are not infringed on. The nuclear conquests of the past, lackluster nature of Coloradan technology and an utter disregard for the environment have turned their worlds into some of the most polluted in the area. Most Coloradans are forced to live in biospheres or walk around wearing gas masks and radiation suits. Slavery has allowed many rich Coloradans to stay indoors for long periods of time.


The Coloradan military is competent and has mastered combined arms tactics. Coloradan tanks are some of the fastest and strongest in the area and Coloradan weapons have superior range to their counterparts. Domestically produced Coloradan military technology is dominated by EMSELs and nuclear weapons, but by the 2700s Colorado imports most of its technology. Interestingly, Colorado has developed heavy power armor called "walkers," serving a niche role between heavy infantry and light tank. While technologically brilliant, these walkers have limited use and are extremely slow and vulnerable to anti-armor fire. The Coloradans, like the superpowers, like to use prisoners in their armies as conscripts. Colorado is fairly patriarchal for a modern human state; women are not allowed in its military.