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Constitution-class Frigate

Developed for the United States Navy in the first half of the 23rd century, the Constitution-class frigate has become ubiquitous throughout the galaxy.


The Constitution-class was developed for one purpose: shooting down enemy missiles before they could even get close to the American fleet. It is a shining example of the American (and later, Coalition) philosophy of spacecraft modularization. Each pod that makes up the Constitution class can be detached and attached in new combinations, allowing for quick repairs, upgrades and damage control at the cost of fragility.

Manufactured en masse during the Collapse, it was the second heaviest ship in the United States Navy, but by the 28th century it pales in comparison to even the smallest craft in the superpowers' navies. However, the design would live on as it is relatively easy to manufacture and extremely versatile.

Known Users

Most small navies have the Constitution-class as its backbone while others use them in a support role. Criminal organizations, rebel groups and private groups have also taken a liking to the Constitution-class, using them for smuggling, piracy and other less than scrupulous acts. Even xeno groups, such as the gusano, use the ship in their fleets.

The only navies that don't use the Constitution are those of the Coalition and the Communist International. Because of its ubiquity, the Constitution-class has seen combat in almost every single interstellar war since the Collapse. Variants of the Constitution-class are many, including troop transports and space stations; a gusano fleet has even been sighted using twenty Constitutions-class sonnecoil cannon.