Ad Astra Per Aspera Wiki
Orbital Distance N/A
Orbital Period N/A
Keplerian Ratio N/A
Radius N/A
Day Length N/A
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Species Human
Capital N/A
Population 2,150,543

Cottbus is the seventh planet from Neu Vaterland, and is similar in size to Sulingen, but the similarities end there. Cottbus is surrounded by a ring filled with ice chunks, and its surface is covered by a thick atmosphere. The planet is extremely watery: the Germans wanted a world full of islands, making for a harder conquest by foreigners. Ice and snow cover up most of the remaining land, leaving only the areas near the equator uncovered. What is uncovered, however, are fields of frozen magma and artificially-created 'cold swamps.'

After the Platte Civil War, the Imperial German government retreated to Cottbus. The unwelcoming traits of Cottbus are actually good for the Imperial government: its deadly environment makes it hard for foreign troops to hold onto territory. After the discovery of the Platte System by the greater galaxy, it served as an orbiting fortress, protecting the innards of the system from attack. Large blue-water ships regularly patrol the waters, and Imperial troops march around on the islands. The only landmass that can be described as a continent, Nordreich, is a hellhole, just as the Germans want it to be. Nordreich is the largest prison in history, and is located in the far north of the planet. Blizzards there are strong enough to freeze skin on contact, and some attempted escapees have never been found in the never-ending snow. These harsh conditions discourage escape, and prevent prisoners from doing further harm to society. Films of the Nordreich prisoners are distributed far and wide in the German Empire, to show the common man the price for disobedience.