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Democratic Republic of Judea
Language: Hebrew
Religion: Judaism
Supreme Leader: Ariel Rosenfeld

The Democratic Republic of Judea is a Jewish, socialist nation founded as a successor to the State of Israel.


The first “restore” Jewish homeland, the State of Israel, was created by the German Empire after their victory over the Ottomans during the Great War. Support for a Jewish state was common in Germany after the war. Some of the most vocal support came from the art world, with influential painters such as Heidler dedicating their works to the advancement of the Jewish state. The movement was further fueled by growing anti-Semitism in the United States and USSR, both of which cynically supported Zionism simply because it would give them a place to exile their Jews to. The State of Israel was officially carved out of German Syria on June 5th, 1968. The forced expulsion of the Muslim population inhabiting the area was an extremely controversial issue up until the Collapse, leading to at least eight wars fought between the Israelis and the neighboring Arabs.

When the German Empire, Israel's primary benefactor, fragmented under the Soviet offensive into Europe, the Israelis knew it was time to initiate the Enoch Option. The Enoch Option was Israel’s strategy to escape the Sol System to the Tel Aviv System, a sparsely-populated system with only one terraformed world. With the Americans and Soviets too busy with one another to disrupt the Israeli’s plans, the Enoch Option was a success, even if many Israelis were left behind on Earth at the mercy of their Arab neighbors.

Israel continued to exist on Tel Aviv Prime for the better part of the 23rd and 24th centuries. Having weathered through the worst of the Collapse, it was the prime power in the Inner Sphere until Tel Aviv Prime’s agricultural capabilities could no longer support its booming population. Bread riots were commonplace and Israel’s government continued to have trouble putting them down. The Zionist Socialist Party was formed by the disgruntled people and called for the complete reform of the Israeli state. Eventually, Israeli’s government was voted out in a vote of no confidence and a new constitution was drafted for the Democratic Republic of Judea.

Judea, whose name was meant to evoke the “more righteous” Biblical Kingdom of Judah, was founded on both nationalist and socialist principles. The Judean government argued that the systems neighboring Judea could easily feed the people, so if the state took over these systems and redistributed the captured resources fairly then the starvation would stop. Several wars of conquest were waged, tempered only by the rise of powers such as Solanum and Kassel. Unlike most expansionist states, the Judeans initially treated the local populace with respect and not genocide, but nationalist movements among the conquered peoples forced the Judeans to exile most of the locals to ghettos. The final addition to the DRJ was the Kunming System, renamed the Solomon System, in 2674.

The constant expansionism of Judea naturally led to rivalries with Kassel and Solanum. To surround the latter, Judea allied itself with the rising Conseil of Workers' Systems, which naturally pushed Kassel and Solanum into the Coalition camp. Judea also had good relations with the People’s Republic of Cymaline, another Conseil puppet, until the Judean-Cymaline Split of 2710. The split was caused by constant Judean requests for military aid against nationalist movements within its own borders and the ill-fated attempt by the Judeans to take over Earth in 2703. The Conseil took advantage of the situation by making the two sides “compete” with one another for favor. It was the Judeans who eventually lost out, prompting the Judean government to ally with the United Technocracies. Fearing a Conseil or Solanumese invasion, the Judeans under the new “Supreme Leader” Ariel Rosenfeld created massive bunkers and tunnel systems all throughout their worlds.

The most prominent role Judea has played in contemporary interstellar politics is that of the Judean Six. Believed to be pro-Conseil intelligence agents, the Judean Six intentionally leaked Coalition plans for the gradual takeover of Neu Stuttgart IV to Akihabara. This action both doomed Akihabara to destruction by all three superpowers and helped spark the Galactic War. So far, Judea itself is sticking by its Technocracy ally and refusing to side with either the Springfield Pact or the Communist International.