The Democratic Revolutionary Front is a widespread and powerful non-state organization that advocates the return of democracy to humanity. Unlike other anti-government groups such as the Brotherhood and the Ku Klux Klan, the Democratic Revolutionary Front calls for the overthrow of every authoritarian government in the galaxy. Naturally, this has made them natural allies of New Rome, the only significant democratic state, even if some cells assault New Rome for not being democratic enough.

The Democratic Revolutionary Front is less one organization than it is a coalition of several, bound together by their belief in democratic process and their hatred of the superpowers and their puppets. Naturally, this has bound together groups of differing social and economic views, all using the DRF name. While this diversity has provided the DRF with numbers and flexibility, it has also plagued the DRF with infighting. The superpowers have taken advantage of this by using third parties, such as criminal organizations, to direct DRF cells against their rivals.

Although ostensibly standing for the rights of all, DRF cells are normally extremely exclusive organizations that act as oppressive as the governments they claim to be the antithesis of. Many DRF cells are criminal organizations with a political brand, paying lip service to the ideals of democracy in order to secure arms and funding. Like the Klan, the DRF is very active in the illicit drug and weapons trade, but thanks to its connections with New Rome it is also a major slaver organization. Much of the illicit trade of human slaves is conducted by the DRF. DRF cells typically rely on slavery for their own operations as well, having no scruples about using enslaved soldiers to fight against tyrannical governments. Child soldiers as young as seven are normally ordered to kill and cannibalize any family members that do not want to fight for the DRF, in order for DRF commanders to psychologically dominate them. They are also encouraged to take extremely addicting drugs so the DRF can control them by controlling the drug supply.

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