The Directorate of Defense is the intelligence and security arms of the Coalition of Western Republics. Less of a separate faction and more a loose alliance of several, the Directorate of Defense can only unite its disparate parts in one area: increased military spending. While this often puts them into alliance with Internationalists, their fervent opposition of any domestic spending prevents the two from forging a permanent alliance.

The DoD supports the idea of Manifest Destiny and Coalition exceptionalism, the most fervent in the belief that Coalitionists as a people are superior to all other forms of life in existence (even moreso than Party members themselves, which tend to be more cynical about their ideology). The DoD’s intelligence and security wings put them at odds with both the Directorate of State Security and National Conservative Party Defense Force, and the three regularly compete with one another. The DoD has taken advantage of the current DSS-NCPDF rivalry and promised its support for whichever organization would support them in other proposals.

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