The Directorate of Information was the propaganda department of the Coalition that originally a state mouthpiece that encouraged citizen cooperation. Its old competition, the various Party propaganda departments, disappeared when those turned on one another during the Traditionalist-Internationalist split, leaving the DoI to fill the vacuum. The DoI keeps the masses complacent and pleased, feeding them with bluefodder.

Other factions fear that the DoI would degrade into a “bread and circuses” department that partially caused the downfall of the American Empire, and more practically wish to have its funds for themselves and their own propaganda departments. The DoI tends to shift its propaganda in favor of whoever helps it in the government, using its control over the masses to pressure of their ally’s opponents to back down, but rarely does it pursue its own interests. There are factions within the DoI itself, schisms originating with debates on the nature of DoI propaganda. The old theocratic hardliners stick to a strict moral and religious code while the new reactionaries are more willing to throw out morality in order to appeal directly to the base pleasures of the masses.

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