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The Directorate of State Security was the Coalition government’s security force, but only in theory. It is in practice another faction vying for control of the state.


The DSS's power rests in its authority to arrest almost anybody it wishes and its status as a separate armed force. They tend to side with Internationalists on foreign affairs, but favor exterminating the Coalition’s enemies rather than turning them into loyal subjects and cutting spending on moral legislation in favor of their own funding. They are the least ideological faction in the Coalition’s government, willing to do anything to advance the goals of the state.

The DSS are primarily checked by the NCPDF, which has the power to try and arrest their members on ideological grounds, while the DSS could arrest NCPDF members on grounds of disobeying the state. Although they agree with the armed forces on the basis of war, they tend to be rivals as many of their responsibilities overlap.


During the Second Galactic War, the DSS, under Director Henry Miller, was granted absolute rule over the Coalition by Supreme Director John Compton in response to the mutinies occurring within the Directorate of Defense and NCPDF. This move only further alienated the Coalition military and eventually declaring into outright rebellion against the DSS-run government. Following the Athena A.I. going rogue and John Compton's suicide, the DSS ceased to exist and all surviving elements were purged by what remains of the Coalition.