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Directorate of United Systems
Language: English

The Directorate of United Systems is a two-system state and is the most powerful of the Coalition's fringe allies. The Directorate was founded by radical “purists,” a group of fanatical “racially conscious” politicians and pseudoscientists that wished to unlock mankind’s “master race” through miscegenation. Purist ideology was popular in the Empire and purist racial experiments were held under American Imperial rule, but the National Conservatives turned against such quackery during the Endless War. While the National Conservatives had to accept some of this ideology later on, the radicals went on to found their own government. Busy with more unsavory groups, the young Coalition paid very little attention to the coalescing Directorate of United Systems. By the time the Endless War ended, the Directorate was too powerful to squash easily and the Coalition opted instead to puppetize the state and observe it as a racial experiment.

The modern Directorate is consequently a very racially diverse state, and purist attempts to unlock the master race continue without much success. There still exist many distinct ethnic groups in the Directorate, which is sometimes the cause of civil unrest as the different groups adopt radical nationalist identities and fight both the government and one another. The Coalition has sold some auszeit prisoners to the Directorate, especially “rare” groups such as Native Americans. The Directorate is surprisingly merciful when it comes to law and order, opting instead to charge exorbitant fees for offenses as opposed to immediate imprisonment, but it has many more laws and regulations than the other fringe states. However, more serious offenses lead to the death penalty. The Directorate is also a producer of many high-technology goods, making it a relatively rich state.