Dominion of Western States
Language: English, American
Type of Government: Autocracy

The Dominion of Western States is one of the lesser fringe allies of the Coalition of Western Republics and is also the location of Val Verde, the gambling capital of the Springfield Pact.

Val Verde was a small American colony that became a boom town as Endless War refugees flooded into the area. The Dominion of Western States’ entire existence is all thanks to Val Verde and its mob connections: many organized crime groups have taken root in Val Verde. The city had very little of the regulations that were popular throughout the former American Empire made it a haven for criminal organizations, who set up institutions of ill repute such as casinos. Mob bosses also became arms dealers during the Endless War and openly proclaimed their loyalty to none but the almighty dollar. The victorious Coalition knew it could overrun Val Verde, but it saw the criminal groups as a potential tool for activities the National Conservative Party would rather not be caught doing. A pact was signed between the Dominion of Western States and the Coalition, allying the two states and promising non-intervention between the two.

The modern Dominion of Western States is officially run by a President, but in truth the entire government is run by a cabal of mob bosses. Ironically, the gangsters have become the law and do more law enforcement than the official police. Val Verde has become a favorite resort for high-ranking Coalition officials who don’t mind a little gambling.

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