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Electromagnetic stimulation emission of light is a technique used to homogenize the frequency and waveform of electromagnetic radiation, allowing the energy to be focused very narrowly, enabling physical damage to a target.

EMSEL Weaponry

Having almost no stopping power, EMSEL weapons are still somewhat effective in shield-breaking. Most lesser powers use EMSEL designs from before the Collapse, but even the superpowers still use them in point defense. They, along with sonnematerial weapons also tend to be used by special forces since cells are easier to recharge than supplying coil rounds behind enemy lines and the weapons are by nature silent.

Naval Usage

Though extremely varied in size, shape and purpose, most EMSEL naval weapons are used for point defense. These systems can detonate, disrupt or otherwise stop missiles as they streak toward a ship, allowing the target to move out of the way. Even the smallest ships bristle with point defense systems. As primary weapons, EMSEL weapons tend to be Röntgen ray based and are powered by nuclear explosions. These weapons were common throughout the post-Collapse era until the rise of the coilgun. They are still useful as their effects are almost instantaneous at most combat distances, but modern energy shield technology renders them mostly ineffective individually.