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East Eierwitz and West Eierwitz were two separate Neu Stuttgart IV nations.


East and West Eierwitz were descended from the Eierwitz Company, an offshoot of the Hirsch Corporation. Largely uninhabitable, Eierwitz was colonized by Hirschlanders and Seralians, the latter still existing in the east as a notable minority. Eierwitz was outside of Neu Stuttgart IV’s political scene until the Euskadi Revolution, when a group called the Eierwitz Proletarians arbitrarily seized the entire western half of the island. Because of a lack of communication infrastructure, the Eierwitz Company wasn't notified until weeks later, which promptly attempted to squash the rebels. However, the rebels had successfully petitioned for Euskadi weaponry and it quickly became apparent that a full revolution or counterrevolution would be too costly for what was at stake. The Hirsch Corporation abandoned Eierwitz, founding the Commonwealth of Eierwitz (East Eierwitz) to rule in their stead. The west became the Eierwitz Democratic Republic.

Although Hirschland abandoned the island, Milleaux and Euskadi moved in, militarizing both states heavily. Milleauxese and Euskadi army bases existed deep into the Eierwitz desert, facing off against one another. The Eierwitzes also grew apart domestically. The east became a military dictatorship under the rule of the unstable Dunkelau family, who always deferred to Milleauxese and Coalitionist corporations and ruled with an iron fist. The Dunkelaus used their secret police to assault dissidents, sometimes in broad daylight. Dissidents' corpses were strewn throughout the streets as a message to all. The Dunkelaus also established a personality cult, but an actively malicious one; citizens were taught that the reigning Dunkelau could read minds and punish citizens using their psychic powers. Meanwhile, the west evolved into a different sort of dictatorship, one that preferred subtlety to dazzling displays of state brutality. In the west, dissidents would simply disappear, and anybody who acknowledges that they exist after the fact would disappear as well. However, unlike other communist states, a personality cult did not develop and opposing parties are legal, even if they are all socialist or communist. West Eierwitzian leaders had a very short shelf life, as Euskadi prefers to keep its puppet’s leaders on their toes and is intolerant of dissent.