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Empire of Japan
Language: Japanese
Type of Government: Military junta

The Empire of Japan was founded by settlers from the Democratic Republic of Japan and to restore the glory that was taken from them by the Americans during the Great War. As one of the few Japanese-majority states left in existence, the Japanese Empire is highly nationalist and wishes to unite all Japanese under its banner.


Unlike other “restorationist” states, the Japanese do not emulate the old Japanese Empire in that they do not have an Emperor. The Imperial family was dissolved by the Americans and any claimants to the throne summarily executed and this new Empire does not wish to create a “false dynasty.” Instead, the Empire of Japan is ruled by a cabal of military dictators who derive their legitimacy from nationalist rhetoric.


Although opposed to the Conseil Systems, the Japanese's societies do have similarities in that in Japan all education is controlled by the state and all children are taught to have fanatical, even suicidal, devotion to the state. The Japanese are taught that if they are not strong, someone would finish the job the Americans started. Japan is one of the few racially nationalist states in the galaxy, believing that their survival against all odds is proof that the “great race of Yamato” is superior to all.

Prisoners from their wars of conquest are frequently used for biological experimentation and enemy populations are treated with no mercy. The Japanese chemical and bioweapons programs are horrifically advanced, being on par with their Conseil neighbors. On Mendeleev IV, they are the sole power and they have established several footholds on Mendeleev III. During the Galactic War, they were engaged against the Conseil-aligned Socialist Republic of Longxi and the Coalition-aligned Russian and British republics. Because of its unique political position, Japan is firmly within the Technocracies camp. However, Japan is careful to keep the Conseil Systems from attacking it, knowing that the Conseil could easily destroy them.