Empire of the Netherlands (Dutch Frangolnavia)
Type of Government: Totalitarian dictatorship

The Empire of the Netherlands, more commonly known as Frangolnavia or Dutch Frangolnavia, is a state located to the galactic south of the United Technocracies of Man. It is a totalitarian dictatorship run by the Imperial Party, the Dutch version of the pre-Collapse Imperial Party of the United States. It is notable for adopting the relatively liberal policy of segregatie with its massive xeno population.


The Empire of the Netherlands was founded when the American-backed Imperial Party took power over the old Republic of the Netherlands as German power waned in continental Europe. The Dutch government formulated a plan similar to that of the American New Dawn program and left for its colonies during the Collapse. This plan would explode in the faces of the Dutch government as they found the Soviet Union occupying their colonies once they arrived. The Soviet Union’s collapse allowed the Imperials to establish a foothold on the colony of Franglonavia. Franglonavia, the spelling of which would change to Frangolnavia over the centuries, was founded by the French and British as a token of good will between the two nations after the French joined the American camp. Frangolnavian conservatives sided with the Dutch and waged a war against the pro-communist forces based mostly in Batavia, the war only ending once the revived Soviet Union retreated to the area and wished to make peace with potential enemies. However, neither state would give up their claim to the other’s territory and a rivalry arose between the two.

Frangolnavia eventually encountered the growing interstellar empires of the kwallenmier species. Interestingly, the kwallenmier homeworld had an atmosphere and gravity similar enough to Earth’s that humans and kwallenmier could live in the same environment. This made them perfect slaves and their worlds perfect colonies, motivating the Frangolnavians to take over the kwallenmier. At the time of first contact, the kwallenmier were politically divided, which the Frangolnavians took advantage of. By supplying weapons to some states and not others, they managed to turn these states into vassals and used them to crush those that would not submit to human rule. Those states that were not directly annexed were converted into “self-governing” homelands, which were independent in name only. The conquered kwallenmier were either sold as slaves or deported to these homelands, causing friction as many groups were forced to live under the rule of their ancient rivals. Racial violence between kwallenmier groups was used to argue that “kakkerlakken” were inherently violent and thus must be separated from mankind.


Imperial Party rule in Dutch Frangolnavia is stable and enforced by their military alliance with the Coalition. Every politician must be a member of the Imperial Party, and all other political parties are banned. The threat of Technocracy or Batavian attack has made Frangolnavia one of the most militarized states in the area. Speaking out against the state is punishable by imprisonment. The Emperor, a non-hereditary position in Frangolnavia, wields absolute power and can only be challenged by Parliament via votes of no confidence.

An entire set of laws is devoted to the segregatie policy of Frangolnavia. Three different species groups exist under Frangolnavian law: human, kwallenmier and “other.” Kwallenmier cannot enter human-occupied territory without official authorization and must wear identification tags at all times. Kwallenmier have their citizenship to their homelands, not to Frangolnavia, and are therefore exempt from laws protecting human Frangolnavians. The kwallenmier homelands are expected to run their own militaries, which can come under Frangolnavian control whenever the Frangolnavian government pleases. Sapient lifeforms that are neither human nor kwallenmier have different classifications. Some groups, such as Coalition-aligned seabrides and kentaur, are given “honorary human” status and full rights, but others such as gusano are classified as kwallenmier.

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