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Energy shielding is a form of defensive barrier that stops fast moving projectiles. An energy shield absorbs some types of energy that colide with it and transforms those into kenetic energy sent to the shield generator. The generator, which projects the shield, can be designed and placed to greatly reduce the damage the projectiles would have been likely to cause.

Energy shielding is considered the most impotant technology for a modern state to possess, with the possible exception of nuclear weapons.

Regional Usage

The most powerful shielding technology is possessed by the United Technocracies of Man. The Coalition of Western Republics is unique in all its armor being individually equiped with energy shielding that can take blasts from at least five ermanic charges before shutting down.


Shield generators can be weakened by EMPs, or even disabled if not used in conjunction with armor.

Large sheid generators are extremely heavy so are diffucult to use on a large vehicle without antigravity.