Federation of Mankind
Type of Government: Totalitarian Single-Party State

The Federation of Mankind is a totalitarian state rivaling the United Technocracies. The Federation is described as a “survivalist republic” whose government has convinced most of the population is one of the sole remnants of the human race. This belief originated with the Endless War, where many refugees who eventually formed the Federation of Mankind were cut off after a particularly violent part of that war’s history. Eventually, the myth that the Endless War had spread to the rest of the galaxy and destroyed the rest of the human race spread around and became accepted truth.

The Federation of Mankind devoted all of its resources to rebuilding, with some groups wishing to recolonize the galaxy and others advocating working on a project to leave the Milky Way entirely. “First contact” with the Coalition in 2559 was quickly kept a secret by the government, which feared a coup as the legitimacy of their totalitarian rule would be dissolved. They managed to convince the Coalition not to reveal their presence in exchange for an alliance. Most citizens of the Federation are unaware of a greater human race, the only exceptions being military personnel and high-ranking officials. Those who are aware of the secret are sworn never to speak of it on pain of death. To help keep the secret, the Coalition has agreed to only use Federation troops as a rear guard and convince them as much as possible that they are fighting pirates or raiders. If Federation soldiers have to be used in a frontal assault, they are used as cannon fodder so that no survivors live to tell the secret.

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