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Firanja Confederacy
Flag of
Religion: Sunni Islam
Type of Government: Theocracy
Organizations: Union of Man

The Firanja Confederacy was composed primarily of refugees from Germany's North African and Middle Eastern colonies on Neu Stuttgart IV and founded by an intellectual elite that wished to emulate old European government with an Islamic twist.


The Firanja Confederacy was directly based on the German Empire: a confederation of different Arab states united under the Kayser and a National Diet. Although originally envisioned as a democratic, secular state, constant crusades against the Holy Dominion of Christendom further increased the power of religious and monarchic authority. In 2525, with the beginning of the Cerafi War, the Islamic Jihad Party gained power. Sunni Islam was recognized as the official state religion and, mimicking Asturia, the Kayser was made Caliph. Non-Sunnis, especially Shia Muslims, were labeled as "collaborators with the Shaytan (cerafi)" and arrested en masse. Entire towns suspected of harboring infidels were razed by Firanjan bombers, which often used neurotoxic weapons. The Firanjans were known and feared for their cavalry: light, but heavily armed, wheeled assault vehicles. During the Galactic War, Firanja attempted to stay neutral but grudgingly joined with its rivals against the communists.