Grand Duchy of New Carolina
Language: American
Type of Government: Aristocracy
Organizations: ORMEC

The Grand Duchy of New Carolina is a nation on Neu Stuttgart IV that was founded by exiled remnants of sympathizers and American Southern ties to the former Confederate States of America. Initially a poor state, New Carolina rose into a stronger nation after the discovery and monopoly of uranium deposits in their land and becoming more resembling to the once fallen, aristocratic Confederacy.


The American Empire, ever eager to rid itself of the Confederate movement, seized thousands from several "Southern" enclaves from the jungles of the South American Amazon and other isolated places in the Empire and placed them on several colonization vessels bound for Neu Stuttgart IV. While all ostensibly fighting for the cause of Confederate restoration, these different groups were all very different from one another and hated each other for it. Throughout the trip to Neu Stuttgart IV, they largely kept to themselves, but once colonization started in the deserts of Neu Stuttgart IV the true conflict began. Resources were scarce and patience even scarcer, leading to protracted conflicts between different groups over something as simple as fresh water.

Although fervent pride kept Southern culture alive, the experience changed the cultures involved. Desert dress and customs, not unlike those of the tribes in the Saharan and Arabian deserts on Earth, was grafted to Confederate culture out of necessity. The conflict continued until the Colleton family captured the cities of Sumter and Tuscarora, controlling the two largest oases in the Southern Desert. They managed to hound out and destroy the other rival families and proclaimed the Grand Duchy of New Carolina, after the American state their ancestors fled after the War on Treason.

For decades the New Carolinans were poor and dependent on trade from their neighbors until they discovered massive uranium deposits deep in the desert. A uranium-poor world, the other states came to depend on New Carolina for their nuclear programs, allowing New Carolina to flourish. Many Carolinian aristocrats grew rich from uranium mines, often using slave labor, and became famous throughout Neu Stuttgart IV for their hedonistic lifestyles. The New Carolinian government was so rich that it abolished all taxes and created massive public works projects to pump water throughout the entire country and create tourist attractions such as Lee Tower and an indoor ski resort complete with artificial snow. Politically, New Carolina kept neutral and did business with all sides, but always crossed its fingers for conflict in order to profit. Like Hirschland, New Carolina is a member of ORMEC.

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