Hamburg class battleship by rvbomally-d5jd05n

Hamburg-class Battleship

The last battleship developed by the German Empire, the Hamburg was designed to give the German Deep Space Fleet more power projection in an era when Germany's power was increasingly centered on its interstellar empire. The Hamburg was intended to lead the various German battlegroups in the defense of the Reich, but these vessels ended up destroying one another during the German Civil War and the Collapse.


The Hamburg, like its little sister the Bayern-class destroyer, was meant to defend Germany's interstellar assets. Unlike its predecessors, the Hamburg can operate for weeks of non-stop combat without overheating thanks to its radiator fins. Its sublight and superluminal engines are much more powerful than its predecessors, but they are still slower than their Imperial counterparts. To ease construction and repair, the Hamburg also adopts a segmented battery section, allowing for sections of batteries to be replaced quickly in case of battle damage. While the Hamburg relies mostly on escort ships to shoot down incoming missiles, it does have three nose-mounted EMSEL cannons. However, it also suffered from a significant design flaw: because the coilgun turrets are not increasingly elevated, the Hamburg cannot bring all of its guns to bear if a target is directly in front of it. This decision was made to increase uniformity and ease construction of the various segments and captains were instructed to change the ship's orientation with regard to the target if the turrets block one another. It is also unable to fire backwards, relying on other craft to fire on targets coming in from behind. The Hamburg excels in broadside orbital bombardment, as the German people themselves found out during the Collapse. 


During the Collapse, many captains and crews joined the communist faction in protest of the horrid conditions on the Deep Space Fleet's ships. Interestingly, the Hamburg was a rarity in space combat, that responsibility being that of the Imperial and Red navies. These ships often detached from their stations while still pretending to be loyal to the Kaiser and then threatened the world to surrender to them. If they did not, the captains ordered unrestricted bombardment of population centers. While these ships were often destroyed later on, the loyalists were often unable to prevent the murder of hundreds of millions of people. Loyalist craft often did the same to worlds that were lost to communist rebellion. Most of the Hamburg-class battleships that survived the Collapse were those that fled with the Imperial Navy, which used them as planetary assault craft. This tradition continues to the 28th century and all three superpowers still use modified Hamburgs to bombard planets, mostly because they are cheap and easy to manufacture. Many smaller navies still use them as proper battleships and centuries-old Hamburgs often serve as flagships for the weaker powers.

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