Hanover class frigate by rvbomally-d9l2kb6

Hanover-class Frigate

  • Role: Fleet Assault
  • Length: 358 meters
  • Weapons Systems: Eight coilgun turrets
  • Country of Origin: German Empire
  • Users: United Technocracies, Countless minor interstellar factions

The workhorse of the German Deep Space Fleet, the Hanover-class frigate was a capable warship that performed admirably during the Collapse and the conflicts that followed. Armed with eight heavy coilgun turrets and reasonably thick armor, the Hanover-class frigate was a sturdier vessel than its American and Soviet rivals. While a good number were destroyed or scuttled during the Collapse, many came under the control of the powers that fled the Inner Sphere. The Hanover-class design proved popular enough that it was the workhorse of the early Coalition and Conseil fleets.

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