Language: German
Type of Government: Federal monarchy
Organizations: ORMEC

Hirschland is a German nation founded by Hermann Hirsch of the Hirsch Corporation on Neu Stuttgart IV.


Secured by the German Hirsch Corporation prior to the Collapse, Hirschland was the personal property of Hermann Hirsch, who had his own colonization fleet that departed when he realized the imminent Collapse. The Hirsch fleet stayed separate from the main colonization effort, a sort of isolation that would be Hirschland's legacy. When the fleet arrived, Hermann's grandson, Konrad, established and ruled the colony as separate from the now-defunct Germany. With a personal army and fleet, Hirschland was secure from the other factions, but Konrad knew he couldn't take over the world. However, he did have a vision of a new German Empire arising from Neu Stuttgart IV and reclaiming Terra. To do this, he needed to build up a massive fortune without drawing political attention to itself. Fortunately for Konrad's descendants, Hirschland was rich in uranium, and Hirschland founded the Oppenheimer Uranium Company, seeking to dominate Neu Stuttgart IV's uranium market. This inevitably led to conflict with New Carolina and the two nations fought several wars over uranium rights at their mutual border before finally settling on creation of ORMEC: the Organization of Radioactive Materials Exporting Countries. Together, Hirschland and New Carolina controlled the radioactive materials market.

When the price of uranium skyrocketed with the beginning of the Galactic War, Hirschland and New Carolina were able to afford top-tier weapons from legitimate weapons dealers, pirates and corrupt superpower commanders. Hirschlander and New Carolinian EMSEL batteries were able to ward off the few Coalition missiles targeted at their cities, leaving the two largely intact.

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