Holy Dominion of Christendom
Flag of HDC
Type of Government: Theocracy
Time Zone: Washington Standard Time
Organizations: Springfield Pact

The Holy Dominion of Christendom was is a large, but sparsely-populated nation located to the galactic 'north,' in which most Dominion worlds are settled airless rocks. Originally a Coalition colony cluster for the "religiously motivated," it grew into a significant nation and becoming a member of the Springfield Pact.


Set up during the 2600s to become a "model colony," the HDC split off when the Coalition secularized. Although some radicals within the Dominion government denounce the Coalition as "devils," the vast majority considers the "mother country" a close ally and a protector from communism. A repressive theocratic state, the Holy Dominion of Christendom is a series of colonies founded by Coalitionists who felt that their old country was too secular. The Dominion adheres to a strict fundamentalist interpretation of the Christian Bible and has denounced the other strains of Christianity in the galaxy as “heresy.” Mostly colonizing the abandoned border worlds between the Coalition and the Conseil Systems, the Dominion has become more important than its size would normally allow.

The increasing costs of maintaining and enforcing strict theocratic law left a bad taste in most Party officials and internal power struggles led to a “purge” of the theocratic strains. Although few of the laws have changed, many have become “cultural guidelines” that are rarely enforced outside of stigmatization by Coalition society itself. The decline of the State Church’s power in Coalition politics during the 2600s disgusted many who felt the Coalition was close to becoming a true “city on a hill.” A few rich fundamentalists offered to fund an exodus from the Coalition to the border worlds, where colonies for the “true faithful” had been previously established. The Holy Dominion Corporation was formed for the express purpose of ferrying those who wanted to escape the “demons of Columbia Prime.” The pre-established colonies were granted independence and others like them were founded.


Similarities with the Coalition are great, both culturally and economically. Dominion culture emphasizes on three things: faith, family and firearms. The average Dominion family is composed of a husband and wife, with 2-3 children. Family is very important, and considered to be third in priority, below religion and the state. Military parades are commonplace, and it is a citizen's duty to cheer on the military. Buying war bonds is heavily encouraged, and so is participation in the stock market. However, the Dominion is much more oppressive than the Coalition, having its own religious police, mass surveillance and death camps for the "unworthy," while at the same time having a social welfare system. Heresy, which can range from not showing up to church on Sunday or practicing witchcraft, is punished with burning on the stake. Adulterers are shunned and their foreheads tattooed with the word “adulterer” so no Dominion community accepts them.

The Dominion's track record with alien species is only exceeded by that of the Empire of Ostland. The HDC colony on Carrageena encountered a primitive race named the Götterspeise, which naively offered the starving colonists food. The desperate humans ate the food, which because of Carrageena’s arsenic-based life, poisoned them. The furious colonists responded by destroying every Götterspeise settlement they could find and enslaving any survivors. The Dominion has had some contact with the gusano, which they also enslaved. Believing that man is the only form of life destined for salvation and is God’s favorite, the Dominion has no qualms with mistreating non-humans. Slaves also had a practical purpose, in that the sparsely-populated, unindustrialized worlds the Dominion owns need cheap labor to build up. It is rumored that Dominion explorers have found advanced alien artifacts near the Milky Way's core, but the Galactic War put an end to any further exploration.


The Dominion military is effectively an extension of the Coalition one, with its commanders forced to answer to their Coalition counterparts. Dominion territory on Neu Stuttgart found itself destroyed by the Coalition during the Galactic War, an act that the Dominion has vehemently denounced. Dominion military strategy asks for swarms of alien slaves and poorly-equipped political prisoners charging into battle, backed up by elite units of Dominion Marines and tanks.

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