A species of half-organic, half-mechanical aliens, the ilya'novrodon (Lacertus apparatus xenos) are unique both in their physiology and their political state. Unlike almost every other sapient species in the Milky Way, the ilya'novrodon are united under the banner of the Ilya'novrodon Empire. Believing they are the chosen species to rule the galaxy, the ilya'novrodon have encountered many conflicts both with mankind and other alien races.

Physiologically, the ilya'novrodon most closely resemble Terran lizards and dinosaurs, although "baseline" ilya'novrodon possess six legs and have both an endoskeleton and an exoskeleton. Ilya'novrodon have two "heads," one heavily-armored head that contains the brain and is closer to the ilya'novrodon body and one on a highly maneuverable neck containing the respiratory and digestive tracts. Six "eye turrets" ring the neck of the ilya'novrodon's "secondary" head. However, modern ilya'novrodon are heavily cybernetically augmented. Most possess tabulator implants in their brains, wireless transmitters that allow ilya'novrodon to communicate via thought, and muscular and skeletal augments that give modern ilya'novrodon more physical strength than the baseline. Many ilya'novrodon have become so dependent on augmentation that removal of these machines will kill the ilya'novrodon. Some have even uploaded most or all of their consciousness into tabulators, making them effectively immortal. Humanity has had no progress understanding ilya'novrodon tabulator technology, thanks to its alien nature, although it is competing with its own developments and those taken from auszeiters and other xenos. Modern ilya'novrodon are not born naturally; their reproductive system has been mechanized and ilya'novrodon are instead "decanted" in large facilities.

The ilya'novrodon did not start out as a race of cyborgs. According to what little is known about ilya'novrodon history, this transition was made in the 2100s, when ilya'novrodon civilization became extremely dependent on tabulator networks. It was around the same time that the Ilya'novrodon Empire was formed, via a tabulator "hacker" coup that forcibly united the ilya'novrodon's political entities.

Surprisingly large amounts of information has been gathered on the Ilya'novrodon Empire’s goals and politics, largely because they are relatively simple and the ilya'novrodon seem to encourage letting their enemies know about their political unity as an intimidation tactic. The ilya'novrodon are ruled by a cybernetic hivemind, an entity composed of tabulator programs and the brains of old ilya'novrodon rulers.

According to the ilya'novrodon, their goals are to absorb more species into their empire and rule the galaxy, goals that tend to conflict with the desires of every other group in the Milky Way. To achieve this goal, the ilya'novrodon have both destroyed alien worlds and abducted their occupants to perform bizarre medical experiments on them. Reports of their war against the gusano reveal that ilya'novrodon fleets have the firepower to wipe out most life on a planet, although this still pales in comparison to the capability of human fleets. The strange practice of abduction was hinted upon by captured gusano military. This seems to be conducted in order for the ilya'novrodon to better understand the physiology of their enemies and to turn captured prisoners into mechanically augmented slaves or conscripts.

The first reports mankind received about the ilya'novrodon came from their gusano Ansath enemies (who provided the name ilya'novrodon), who had been fighting the rapidly expanding Ilya'novrodon Empire. First contact between humanity and the ilya'novrodon happened in the 2720s, and was in the form of a human pirate raid on then-unknown alien outpost. The humans were victorious and analysis of captured equipment and bodies matched up with Ansath reports, and the ilya'novrodon’s existence was confirmed. When the captured outpost was retaken by the ilya'novrodon and its inhabitants tortured or turned into cyborg slaves, the pirates turned to the nearby Empire of Ostland. Stating that the attack on humanity was the beginning of a species war, Ostland called for the extermination of the ilya'novrodon and rallied any forces it could against them.

This campaign is still ongoing, severely hampered by a lack of outside support for Ostland and poor logistics on the part of mankind. The ilya'novrodon have proved to be an annoying foe for mankind, as the location of their worlds is largely unknown. Ever since they have encountered mankind, ilya'novrodon captains have wiped the databanks of their ships, preventing the location of their worlds from being found out even during the rare occasions when humanity manages to access their tabulators. However, the ilya'novrodon lack important military technology such as energy shielding or coilguns and are outnumbered by the forces of Ostland, meaning that almost every encounter with mankind results in an ilya'novrodon loss.

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