James g blaine class battleship by rvbomally-d5jdg69

James G. Blaine-class Battleship

  • Role: Heavy Fleet Assault
  •  Length: 730 meters
  •  Weapons Systems: One arm-mounted coilgun
  •  Country of Origin: American Empire
  •  Users: United Technocracies, Countless minor interstellar factions

The workhorse of the pre-Collapse Imperial fleet, the James G. Blaine-class battleship is one of the Empire's strangest designs. Almost unique to the James G. Blaine is its arm-mounted coilgun, a design adopted from 21st-century space station repair craft. This arm would allow the ship to fire on targets without drastically changing its course, making it less predictable in combat. The arm system allows the coilgun to be much larger than a turret mount would allow, but it does have the added disadvantage of having more complex reloading system. However, this design is expensive and difficult to repair, and as the James G. Blaine-class relies on this single weapon system a malfunction is often disastrous. The large radiator fin allows the ship to move faster and fire much more rapidly than its contemporaries and even some more advanced designs, allowing it to outmaneuver and surprise its foes. Many of these old battleships were destroyed during the Collapse and the Endless War, with a few survivors and knockoffs showing up in the hands of the United Technocracies and their allies.

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