Josephine Hill was the NCPDF Chief of Staff and a member of the Coalition Council. She is widely considered by her contemporaries as very unstable and considered an outright psychopath even by those closest to her in the Council.


Josephine Hill was a former field commander in charge of the Eurasian Occupation Zone on Terra, and gained the NCPDF’s notice by successfully rooting out the various rebel groups on the continent in a year, many of which gave up without a fight. She did this through one of the most ruthless torture campaigns in human history, sometimes personally torturing captured rebels and masterminding the infamous "Death Road," where hundreds of thousands of rebels were impaled along the Trans-Siberian Highway. Her methods, which emphasize keeping the subject alive and conscious for as long as possible and fashioning gruesome artifacts from the corpses of her victims, struck fear even into the hearts of fellow Coalition government agents. The "Hill Doctrine" was quickly adopted throughout the Coalition.

She is also infamous for the positive, fun-loving, innocent image she displays, one that only manages to unsettle others and increase others' fear of her. According to those who have spoken to her at length, she seems completely unaware of this dissonance, but many suspect she intentionally manufactures this facade. Although feared, Hill expresses very little interest in politics and she has stated multiple times that she only works with the NCPDF because she enjoys her work.

Because of her success and the ease with which others could manipulate her, she rose through the ranks and was eventually appointed Chief of Staff by Supreme Director Michael Applegate shortly before his assassination. Even after her promotion, she attempted to maintain her hands-on approach as much as possible, although she saved her time for only the most important prisoners. Hill’s detachment from her role had helped cool down the NCPDF-DSS rivalry and cooperation between the two organizations was greater than ever before, but deep-seated resentment within the ranks still made relations between the two organizations strained.

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