Faced with the threat of being overwhelmed by the numerically superior Conseil, the Coalition military arms anyone and anything it can. Even as the Coalition military expands to fifty billion strong, or 5% of its population, it is still outnumbered. To augment these numbers, xenos willing and unwilling are armed and sent as cannon fodder. This Kentaur Marine is armed with a minivolley taken from a Vacuity pocket Imperial Japan.

An insectoid species of humanoid, quadrapedal aliens, the kentaur (Tetrapode erectus xenos) are one of the most useful xenos encountered by man. Conquered and enslaved by the Hanseatic Imperium, the kentaur serve as conscripts and servants throughout the galaxy.

Native to the world of A617-III, the kentaur are native to the fungoid jungles of their homeworld’s equatorial region. However, like humans, they have adapted to living in most environmental conditions their homeworld has to offer. The kentaur are named so because of their four legs that are capable of manipulating tools, although prefer to use their two forearms for the task. The kentaur have eyes similar in structure to humans and use them as their primary sense, although kentaur see in a light frequency lower than humans. Kentaur are, on average, shorter than humans.

Like the fungi of Earth, the kentaur reproduce through spores. Two sets of “male” kentaur release spores onto a patch of soil, which is then consumed by a “female” kentaur. The two sets of genetic material mix fertilize one another in the female kentaur’s body and then fertilize the hundreds upon hundreds of eggs in her body. Like female meropians, the pregnant kentaur is eventually reduced to a sessile state as her children mature, eventually bursting from her body and consuming it. Kentaur are born as larvae and, as opposed to pupating, mature gradually into a mature kentaur. Immature kentaur considered food by adults. Being an r-strategy species, the kentaur consider consuming their young to be a moral action of utmost importance; their entire sense of morality is derived from eating their children. As their civilization developed, this became a cultural imperative, as to consume the weak children would let the strongest survive with the most resources; female kentaur, being little but walking wombs, are never educated and are bred like cattle. Because their reproductive process does not necessitate nurturing or an form of prolonged familial interaction, the concept of a group unit below "tribe" are alien to the kentaur. The kentaur also lack a sense of forgiveness and mercy; even the most ancient kentaur cultures revolve around a hierarchy wherein which the leaders are free to do whatever they please to subordinates. A culture of submission is prevalent throughout the kentaur, even moreso that 28th century mankind. This has made them easily adapt to human rule.

With the advent of total war, the kentaur developed “breeding factories” to produce soldiers quickly. It was in this state, a massive industrial war with a technological state similar to humanity’s Great War era, when the A617 system was discovered by the Hanseatic Imperium. The humans received talkie transmissions emitted from the world, later determined to be war propaganda. The Hanseatics, seeing another product for them to sell to the galaxy, decided upon invasion. Several nuclear weapons were purchased, armies of mercenaries and pirates hired, and the Hanseatics invaded. The formerly warring kentaur states united against the human threat, but they all surrendered after the nuclear bombing of the major states’ capitals. As per the surrender terms, the Hanseatics took sole ownership of the kentaur race. The kentaur would be the private property of the Hanseatic people unless they are sold. To protect their slave empire, the Hanseatics petitioned the other human states for kentaur to never be considered on the same terms as even other xenos. The other states agreed, so long as the Hanseatics agreed never to deny them breeding kentaur. The Hanseatics initially refused, knowing it would break their monopoly, but after several ships were sent to their home systems they relented, but only the superpowers would be allowed to own kentaur breeders.

The kentaur are frequently used as cannon fodder in modern militaries, used to fill in gaps that could not be filled by human soldiers. Because of their high breeding rate, the kentaur are perfect for the job. Armed with weapons from before the Collapse or captured from primitive enemies, kentaur conscripts are not expected to kill. With the beginning of the Galactic War, the kentaur have seen more and more combat; kentaur breeders are pressured more and more by governments to pump out more expendable soldiers. In some battlefields, kentaur corpses outnumber human ones and talk of all-kentaur CMI units has circulated around the Coalition’s top brass. The kentaur are also exceptional servants and the affluent of all three superpower societies are not considered such unless they own a kentaur servant.

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