Kimberly Adelina Paquet is the last Empress and “Dear Leader” of the Republic of Milleaux. One of the most unpopular leaders in the galaxy, even her allies view her as an incompetent airhead. She is frequently blamed for starting the Galactic War and condemning Neu Stuttgart IV to orbital bombardment, although escalation of the conflict was almost certainly the fault of the superpowers. She is currently living with any surviving Milleauxese officials on Columbia IV.


Born on December 2nd 2716, the future Kimberly I was the youngest child out of three in Milleaux’ royal family. Born prematurely, fears for her health followed her throughout her life. As a child, she was never allowed to leave Milleaux’ capital except on official state business, and she was showered with gifts as her parents wished to make whatever time she had in life the best. Kimberly spent most of her time doing almost anything she pleased with state resources, such as forcing the entire country to watch her sing via every news station in the country. Even in these early years, the Milleauxese people despised her, as bold displays of vanity reminded them of their government’s frivolous ways. Her constant sheltering from the outside world was said to be the source of the naïveté that eventually turned her rule into the worst in Milleaux' history.

When her father, Charles I, planned to unite Milleaux and Euskadi during the late 2730s, Kimberly was central to his plan. As his only female child, Kimberly was the only candidate for marrying the current Euskadi premier, Kemen Arana. The resulting union, both parties knew, would result in Arana’s family and Euskadi becoming dominant, but Charles knew the Mittelland Union State would be a powerful enough hegemon that his people would benefit. Kimberly herself resisted the proposed marriage, finding all Euskadi inherently evil, but on April 21st 2740 the marriage went through.

During the short reign of the Mittelland Union State, Kimberly was approached by various parties mostly offering extravagant rewards in exchange for a divorce. Although she sympathized with these parties, she refused to divorce so long as her father lived, not wishing to disappoint him. When her father was poisoned and her two brothers assassinated in rapid succession in 2741, Kimberly went through with the divorce and declared herself Empress and Dear Leader of Milleaux. Devastated by her father’s and brothers’ deaths, she ordered their bodies preserved and changed the Milleauxese constitution to give them the office of “eternal saint.”

War immediately gripped the Mittelland Union State, which quickly spread throughout the planet. Kimberly asked for Coalition assistance, which the superpower was more than happy to provide. The Empress insisted on leading Milleaux’ forces on her own, but she proved to be an inept military commander. Units were ordered to retreat after the first casualty reports came in; Kimberly hated the thought of sending her people to their deaths. Rumor has it that Kimberly fainted after being told a Milleauxese advance into enemy territory suffered 30% casualties.

Domestically, her rule became extremely unpopular. Her addresses to the nation were conducted with her in full royal dress even as her people wore rags. These addresses frequently featured lavish banquets intended to remind the Milleauxese about their country’s prosperity. Coalition military officials were almost always seen in the background, sometimes handing notecards to the Empress or whispering commands in her ear. Whenever she spoke without advice, her comments were frequently naïve and ignorant, claiming that she understood interstellar politics because she could “see Limburg and Breslau from her house” and that Milleaux’ food shortages could be solved by importing food from Euskadi. Even during the war, decadent parties were held in whatever government buildings remained. Her military and security treated any suspected rebels brutally, sending dissenters to starvation camps and using flamethrowers against protesters. The ministers kept any information away from the Empress herself, effectively imprisoning her in her various palaces, but the atrocities were nonetheless blamed on her.

As her unpopularity became more and more apparent, the Coalition eventually tired of Kimberly and began to take more power for themselves. By 2746, as the country was collapsing, she was forced to abdicate, shipped off-world and de facto command was taken to the Coalition military. It is rumored that Kimberly sincerely believes the official Coalition story behind the destruction of Neu Stuttgart IV: that the Conseil were behind the bombardment. Kimberly, relieved of practically all governing responsibility, was put under the watch of the Coalition government. As vain as ever, Kimberly frequently appears as guests on Coalition bluefodder programs and plans to release a song album. While these appearances do give the former leader some money, it continues to lower her reputation among political circles.

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