Koslov class destroyer by rvbomally-d9t7ul6

Koslov-class Destroyer

  • Role: Fleet Escort
  • Length: 150 meters
  • Weapons Systems: Twenty coilgun turrets
  • Country of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Users: United Technocracies, Countless minor interstellar factions

The bigger brother of the Stukov-class frigate, the Koslov-class destroyer was developed when it became clear that Soviet battleships and frigates could not engage enemy fleets on their own. The Koslov is based on the same design principles as the older Stukov. This gave the Koslov the advantage of being easy to manufacture, even in spaceports used to manufacturing Stukovs. Thus, the Koslov became popular even after the Collapse, although not as popular as its smaller brother. While armed with a primitive form of coilgun, and incapable of facing off against larger foes on its own, the Koslov was intended to act within a fleet and escort larger Soviet battleships.

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