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Kosygin-class Frigate

  • Role: Fleet Patrol
  • Length: 210 meters
  • Weapons Systems: One nose EMSEL, Four peripheral EMSELs
  • Country of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Users: United Technocracies, Countless minor interstellar factions

Named after the famous Great War general, the Kosygin-class frigate is the successor to the famous Stukov-class. Adopting the lessons from that design, the Kosygin-class was intended to be the modern alternative to the aging Stukovs in the Red Fleet. However, the Soviets maintained their "quantity is quality" philosophy, and designed the Kosygin-class with durability, ease of production and cost in mind. The Kosygin-class is not intended to operate in deep space, and is instead intended to accompany fleets, so crew quarters and life support systems are minimal. After the Collapse, thousands of Kosygin-class frigates survived, and remarkably some original Collapse-era models are still in use by civilian organizations. Most military models were built after the Collapse, some of which are heavily modified.