The Last Patriot is the alias of a former Coalition soldier posted on Outpost 101, who defected from the Coalition of Western Republics out of disgust of the atrocities committed by his nation. He resides in New Alexandria on New Rome, where he owns an antique store.


The Last Patriot joined the Coalition Navy and subsequently posted to Outpost 101, a prison world for auszeit prisoners, during the Galactic War. His stay at the Outpost gradually influence him to doubt his government and leading to desertion. The Last Patriot witnessed the ill treatment of the prisoners and the unethical experiments conducted on the prisoners by the SSA, such as testing biological weapons, which contributed one of the factors to his desertion.

The second factor was while guarding a group of "democratic" Americans, in which the Last Patriot helped a wounded American soldier in fixing his broken leg. This led to the American questioning the Patriot's Coalition calling themselves "patriots" and how far different it was from the American values that he was taught in his world such as freedom and equality. Although the Last Patriot didn't listen to him then but the idea stuck. It was the first time he had heard anything like that attributed to America and his world's United States had the same origins as his. By the time of his defection, he began to study the about the old Republic, both from trueline and outside of it, and realizing then that the soldier was right.

The final factor was a massacre committed by Nazi prisoners committing genocide on a neighboring group of Arabs. To the Patriot's disgust, his Navy officers, who were observing the massacre, amused themselves in providing the Nazis with old pre-Collapse rifles and recording the entire atrocity. Given how he was instructed by the Coalition's propaganda that auszeiters, or any non-Coalitionist, was a barbarian, he sees that his fellow men as being no different from the Nazis. Further investigation into the atrocity led the Patriot to discover that the SSA organized the massacre for both a propaganda piece and personal amusement that finally convinced him to leave the Coalition for good.

The Last Patriot stole a collection of auszeit memorabilia plundered from Vacuity Pockets the Coalition had conquered and escaped on a shuttle, in which he then sell his stolen possessions to support himself before living in New Rome while on the run from the Coalition authorities. Years later, the Last Patriot was interviewed by Marcus Vitali, a reporter for the New Rome Today, and told his story on Outpost 101.

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