Louise Anna Dijon, better known as Louise I, is the current General Secretary of the Conseil of Workers' Systems and is the only female to ever hold the office. She is also Head Deputy of the Communist Party, Governor of every single Conseil system, and the central figure of worship in the Cult of the Supreme Proletariat. She succeeded her father, Joseph II, in 2722 after his death.


Almost everything about Louise’s personal life is unknown or distorted by propaganda from all three superpowers. According to the Conseil Committee of Information, she was born on March 14, 2683 on Karl-Marx-Welt, an event the same propaganda claims to have miraculously caused a massive crash in the Coalition stock market and a supernova that exterminated an “imperialist xeno race” as it mobilized its fleets against the Conseil Systems. Outside biographers have been unable to place her actual birthday, as she is known to prodigiously use anti-aging technology and makes most of her “appearances” via hologram, but it is generally accepted that she is around forty-five, as that is when she started appearing in known Conseil records.

Louise’s childhood and adult life before her father’s assassination is even more mysterious, as the only available sources outside Conseil propaganda are defectors, normally military officials who have been fed the same propaganda directed to the rest of the galaxy. A few Conseil nobles captured during the Coalition counteroffensive during the Galactic War all claim to have been major players in the Conseil’s nomenklatura and were secretly capitalist, but all tend to give contradicting stories. What they all agree on is that Louise had three brothers and two sisters, of which she was the oldest, and an unknown number of half-siblings. Stories of violent rivalry between the siblings, especially the ones from different mothers, were common. One particularly common rumor is one of Louise successfully tricking five of her half-brothers into joining the Red Army as a commoner by accusing each of cowardice, while getting her brother drafted by claiming he tried to rape her. She is also rumored to have poisoned her stepmother and framed a particularly annoying servant for the act. Some of the captured nobles also say with hushed voices that she poisoned her father once any contenders to the office were disposed of, but admit that there is no evidence for this and it was more believable that the Coalition was behind the act.

After her father’s death in 2722, Louise was said to have locked herself in the Palace of the People completely alone for an entire week. When taking the office of General Secretary, she declared that she would avenge her father and crush the traitors, xenos, capitalists and imperialists that had conspired to snuff him out in such an undignified manner. A massive purge of the Conseil government ensued, notoriously seeing the office of Commissar of the Treasury replaced ten times in three months. Anyone who questioned the Conseil, communism, Louise and her family or the Cult of the Supreme Proletariat was destined to die. Thousands of nobles were beheaded or hung throughout the Conseil Systems, their bodies left to rot on the streets. Louise herself was said to have executed dozens of people herself. New forms of torture and execution were devised to complement the old. Some “enemies of the people” had their eyes sucked off through the vacuum of space, others were used as tests for new biological weapons. Interstellar travel was restricted and the Red Armada was ordered to destroy any vessel that tried to leave the system. Several far-flung worlds starved as “Louise’s Purge” continued, many resorting to mass cannibalism for which they were punished later. The purge lasted until 2727, when the Conseil began offensive operations against the gusano.

Life during the purge was described by the captured nobles as one of equal parts festivity and horror. With the possibility of agonizing death the next day, many nobles in the Conseil Systems discarded any morals they might have had and participated in mass orgies that sometimes lasted weeks. These only served to damn these nobles, as Louise reasoned that men who acted that way must be guilty of something. By the end of the purges, only the most loyal and most puritan survived.

When the Conseil’s gusano campaigns began, human supremacy became even more violent than before. Xeno communities that had largely lived in peace were hunted down by the People’s Gendarmerie and angry mobs massacred them. Children were told of the horrible acts xenos commit against humans, such as laying eggs in their brains and turning them into walking incubators. Propaganda holograms of xenos raping, skinning and eating settlers on the border worlds were prominently displayed in city squares. Louise declared that only humans could become true communists and participate in Marxist utopia, as xenos were genetically predisposed to inequality and imperialism. Louise herself began the fashion of wearing gusano body parts as jewelry.

The gusano campaigns were cut short, however, by the Coalition’s attempted expansion into Neu Stuttgart IV. The naval bases they had maintained there since the Cerafi War were enough of a threat, but Coalition plans given to the Conseil by Judean spies sent Louise into a rage. To her, the Coalition was obviously taking advantage of the Conseil’s preoccupation with its xeno wars, conveniently forgetting that the Coalition was in such a war itself. She attempted to block any attempts by the Coalition to succeed by acting through the local communist powers. Her role in the assassination of Milleaux’s emperor remains unknown, but she publically condemned the act and compared it to her own father’s assassination years before. When the situation degraded enough to lead to war, Louise led her nation to war against the capitalist Neu Stuttgart IV powers and later the Coalition itself.

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