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M2 Saint

  •   Classification: Light Tank
  •   Place of Origin: Coalition of Western Republics
  •   Armor: 15.2 inch tungsten/titanium-ceramic mesh
  •   Weight: 61.3 tons
  •   Crew: 3 (Commander/driver, talkie operator, gunner)
  •   Primary Armament: Varies; default 275mm autocannon
  •   Secondary Armament: Varies; default 5 M19 SVGs

The M2 Saint was a Coalition light tank designed with OrbitSurface Battle in mind. It was designed for the Coalition Army as a quick fire support vehicle, replacing their older IFVs. In Army service, it was known for being reliable, if too lightly-armored for frontline service. After the Army replaced their Saints with the more robust Templar design, the Marines inherited the Saint and used it to replace their aging halftracks. The Saint chassis has eventually been used as mounts for mortar launchers, troop carriers and heavier weapons. An ambulance variant even exists, allowing casualties to be quickly transported behind friendly lines. The Saint is agile and requires very little fuel, making it perfect for the Marines and other rapid response units. The Marines still use the Saint to this day.