Marcus hill class battleship by rvbomally-d9jwv8b

Marcus Hill-class Battleship

Developed to modernize the Coalition Navy, the Marcus Hill-class battleship was intended to form the new heart of the Coalition's battlefleets. Armed with coilguns heavy enough to tear through any shielding system not carried by a floating fortress, and several thousand nuclear missiles to keep enemy point-defenses busy, the Marcus Hill-class could conceivably take on the enemy on its own, but its own lack of point defenses ensure that it must operate in tandem with smaller craft. This not only saves on the ship's already considerable power requirements, but it also ensures that a captain could not unilaterally go rogue without being faced with a weakness. This is important, as the spinal coilgun on the battleship can easily level even a shielded, reinforced military base, or create a dust cloud large enough to cause several years of winter on an inhabited world.

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