Armstrong tank by rvbomally-d5jcyaq

Mark 3 Armstrong

  •  Classification: Main Battle Tank
  •   Place of Origin: Halifax
  •   Armor: 19.8 inch tungsten/titanium-ceramic mesh
  •   Weight: 47 tons
  •   Crew: 3 (Commander, driver, gunner)
  •   Primary Armament: 85mm coilgun

The Mark 3 Armstrong was the main battle tank of the Haligonian military.


The tank that damned Neu Stuttgart IV, the Mark 3 Armstrong is the bane of Coalition tankers throughout the galaxy. The People's Republic of Halifax was always the armored backbone of the Communist International, historically using the knowledge of American engineers and commanders that fled Coalition persecution during the Endless War. The Mark 3 is a worthy addition to this legacy, widely touted as the most "balanced" tank in the Galactic War.

The Mark 3 has respectable armor, speed, maneuverability and operational range, and while its 85mm coilgun is not as effective against energy shielding as sonnecoil systems it taxes the tank's power plant less. The Mark 3's cannon also has a range of two hundred miles, 50% further than the M4 Schuster. Like most Communist International vehicles, it is also a rugged machine, able to operate in conditions that its overengineered Coalition counterparts would break down in. Parts are easy to repair and the Mark 3 can remain operational even without them; several Mark 3's have gone to battle without reactor shielding, but the tankers suffered from radiation sickness in short order. The only disadvantage of the Mark 3 is its numbers, as Halifax has only a fraction of the industrial capacity as the Coalition. Mark 3 tanks under General Hummel successfully repelled and destroyed the Coalition armored divisions sent to defend Milleaux at the start of the Galactic War, forcing the Coalition to destroy the world from orbit. This humiliating defeat resulted in several purges and the development of the M6 Parma, a heavy tank designed specifically to counter the Mark 3.

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