One of the most alien lifeforms encountered by mankind, the myhrggoth (Schimmel myshlenie xenos) are a pseudofungal, pseudoviral species that seems to encompass their entire ecosystem. The myhrggoth are a mystery to both the human race and other xenos throughout the galaxy. The origins of the myhrggoth are unknown. Of the many planets under their control, the myhrggoth homeworld has not been found. Some scientists in the free human states have suggested the possibility of an ancient xeno race engineering the myhrggoth as an experiment or even a biological weapon, challenging the dominant theory that mankind is the oldest species in the galaxy. Others have suggested extradimensional origin.


The myhrggoth were first discovered by the Soviet science vessel Grigori Kuznetsov in the 2230s as it was exploring potential areas for Soviet colonization. The Grigori Kuznetsov was fired upon by unknown vessels and immediately retreated to the closest Soviet system. The Soviet fleet responded to the assault and attacked several myhrggoth systems before being recalled for the start of the Collapse. 


The most striking aspect of myhrggoth biology is that, genetically, all lifeforms in the myhrggoth ecosystem are of the myhrggoth species. This species reproduces through spores, and these spores mature into different lifeforms fitting the environment (so long as it is friendly to myhrggoth biology). This does not mean that all myhrggoth lifeforms are guided by a greater intelligence. Myhrggoth growth patterns can be "tricked" through environmental manipulation and myhrggoth lifeforms compete for resources just as much as those from other worlds. The only unity the myhrggoth have is genetic. 

However, sapient myhrggoth specimens are united under a general hive consciousness limited by "strain. Whether this intelligence is guided from a central organism or is an entity united through many myhrggoth "brains" is unknown. This communication is conducted through pheromones and, through technological augmentation, talkie waves. 

Sociopolitical Structure

Although many human politicians refer to the "myhrggoth states," it is unclear if the myhrggoth have any natural concept of political entities. The collective nature of their psychology means that unanimous consent and obedience across an entire "strain" is natural. However, myhrggoth strains from different worlds or continents have been witnessed waging war against one another, and a difference in management of resources has been witnessed. 


Communication with the myhrggoth is unique in that it is the myhrggoth who have communicated to humankind first, not the other way around. This communication is limited in that a tabulator must be used as a "middle man" and most myhrggoth messages are nothing but strings of non-sequiturs. Whether this is a translation error or indicative of the myhrggoth's alien psychology is up for debate. The myhrggoth have created symbols and slogans for themselves, which have been broadcast to human vessels, meaning they are at least aware of human political differences and are attempting to assert themselves. 


Myhrggoth technology, despite rumors, is not organic. Myhrggoth biomatter is an integral part of Myhrggoth machinery, but only as a means of control. Perhaps the most horrifying and awe-inspiring examples of Myhrggoth technology is their mastery of genetic engineering. Myhrggoth geneticists have managed to utilize the corpses of humans and aliens as active biological weapons systems, far more dangerous than the Formosan Flu strains created by mankind. In all other respects, Myhrggoth technology is comparable to humanity's during the Collapse.

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