The National Conservative Party is one of the major political parties of the Coalition of Western Republics. The party reflects on the Coalition's ideology of National Conservatism. Currently, the NCP is split between the Traditionalists and Internationalists.

The Traditionalists favors strict isolationism and the “reactive state,” only going to war in reaction to an outside agency’s power. Their platform of cutting down contract fee rates makes them popular among corporate interests, but unpopular with just about everyone else, especially the armed forces and the Directorate of State Security. They are considered “soft” on xenos, seeing them as another tool of the market instead of as a threat to be exterminated.

The Internationalists represents the more “idealistic” faction of the NCP that wish to spread capitalism, State Christianity and Coalition law and order, even at the expense of business interests at home. They are the faction of Manifest Destiny, military buildup and moral legislation. They were dominant during the theocratic era of the 2600s. They are unpopular with many corporations for they favor raising contract fee rates, especially for “gold” memberships. They are accused of being wasteful spenders, taking money away from the free market and spending it on frivolous laws.

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