The National Conservative Party Defense Force (NCPDF) is the military branch of the Coalition of Western Republics and one of the major political factions of the state.

Formed from various pro-Empire paramilitary groups, the NCPDF defended National Conservative politicians during the madness of the Endless War. Although initially subordinate to the Party’s will, it has developed as its own faction as schisms appeared.

The NCPDF is primarily defined by its opposition of the Directorate of State Security, siding with whichever faction wishes to curb DSS power. The NCPDF agrees with some points of both Traditionalists and Internationalists; they want to dramatically increase the restrictiveness of moral and religious law, but they also oppose increasing the state's (and therefore the DSS') power by going to war. Powerful during the 2600s, the NCPDF has declined in favor of the DSS, increasing resentment within the NCPDF leadership and the heavy lobbying for any funding whatsoever. Their ultimate goal is to unite the Party and the state and replace the DSS.

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