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Naturalism is a fringe ideology that grew in popularity after the Collapse and follows the belief that the growth of human industry (or, according to the most extreme branches, technology in general) is immoral and the primary reason for disharmony and misery throughout the galaxy. Naturalism started out as a moderate movement to raise environmental awareness in Germany. As it grew, it was adopted by many in the artistic world as an extension of the romanticist movement, and consequently adopted many romanticist ideas. Naturalism was radicalized when the failed students' revolution in the United States adopted many naturalist planks and many revolutionaries who were not captured by Imperial troops fled to Germany.

Naturalism was tolerated in Germany throughout most of the 21st century, with a naturalist party being the third strongest party in the Reichstag. However, as Germany became more and more autocratic, the naturalists were banned, along with any parties the Kaiser did not deem appropriate. Naturalism was forced underground, where it further radicalized and associated with various socialist and communist organizations. It was during this time that naturalism split: the “pure” naturalists rejected communism as another oppressive, technocratic ideology while the “left” naturalists accepted many socialist ideas. The differences were more pragmatic than ideological; pure naturalists and left naturalists were more defined by their alliance or opposition to communism than what those groups believe in. This rivalry was encouraged by the German political police.

Naturalism would not become a force until after the Collapse. Not only did the forces persecuting them disappear, but the Collapse itself was “proof” that naturalism was right: human industrialism and disregard for its nature has ultimately destroyed it. The survivalist aspects of naturalism helped many naturalist cells to stay relatively intact as the Collapse consumed the galaxy and were consequently flocked to as the only bastions of order in a chaotic galaxy. Naturalist groups grew to become the dominant force in the worlds most hard-hit by the Collapse, and are still a force to be dealt with. However, as their power grew, so did the fractures within their movement, and the naturalists took to fighting themselves as often as they fought the other powers of the galaxy. Consequently, multitudes of naturalist factions exist.

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