Neu Stuttgart is a star system forty thousand light years away from the Sol System.


Discovered by German astronomer Gottlieb Schermer in the early 22nd century, Neu Stuttgart was marked for colonization by the German Empire before the outbreak of the Third World War. The system was instead used by the United States as a dumping ground for Europeans and Middle Easterners who had paid the American space program to ship them off-world in the event of war. The colonists were put in a series of aging superluminal vessels on a long voyage to a system forty thousand light years away from Sol, most died from old age before reaching Neu Stuttgart. Only five of the original refugees, mere toddlers when the ship left Sol, made it to their new home.

The colonists were sorely disappointed when they reached Neu Stuttgart. Although they had been promised at least two Earth-like worlds, instead Neu Stuttgart only possessed three gas giants and two balls of arid rock, one of which is too far from its sun for terraforming. Eight decades passed before the terraforming process for what would later be known as Neu Stuttgart IV was completed. The colonists, all of which had been born in orbit, had trouble getting used to the near Earth-like gravity of their new home. Many would be forced to live out the rest of their days in orbit, or be crippled for life.

For two hundred years, the Neu Stuttgart remained unnoticed from the major human population in the Milky Way until in the late 2400s and early 2500s that it was rediscovered by the Coalition of Western Republics. The Coalition decided to secretly observe the habitable Neu Stuttgart IV to ensure it does not gain the ability to repel a Coalition invasion once the war with the Counseil of Workers' Systems was over. Neu Stuttgart was significantly changed when Neu Stuttgart IV was visited by the cerafi in seek of peacefully refuge that only degenerated from a fatal misunderstanding into outright war between the Neu Stuttgart humans and the cerafi. The Coalition intervened in the war when the conflict was against the Neu Stuttgart humans in gaining positive favors from the humans to be seen as liberators from the cerafi. The end of the war resulted in human victory, the Coalition receiving a strong alliance and presence in Neu Stuttgart, and the surviving cerafi in the large majority were taken as slave labor in the Coalition while a small cerafi population still living on the planet took to surviving in the wilderness and are hunted as game by rich human socialites.

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