Nova Italia
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Type of Government: Monarchist-croixist state

Nova Italia is a self-admitted monarchist-croixist state, and self-proclaimed as the true inheritor of Roman culture and glory in the galaxy. Fiercely independent, Nova Italia refuses to align itself with any superpower no matter the consequences. It is infamous throughout the galaxy for its unscrupulous banking practices and refusal to extradite those that seek refuge within its borders, making Nova Italia a refuge for pirates, criminal organizations and disgraced individuals.


The worlds that make up modern Nova Italia were naturally part of the German-backed Italian Empire. When the German Empire tore itself apart during the Collapse, the Italian government (and much of what was left of the Roman Catholic Church) declared its neutrality in the conflict and fled to Nova Italia. Several groups aligned with the Soviet Union tried to take over the Italian colonies, but all ultimately failed. The Italian government would remain a monarchy until 2435, when a republican revolution overthrew the monarchy and established a democratic government. With no other powers able to intervene, the revolutionary government would remain in place for the next two centuries. Nova Italia’s history is relatively peaceful compared to most other interstellar powers. The only major wars it has fought with foreign powers are the conquest wars against remnant Spanish governments, one against Qurac in 2389 and one against Acadia in 2545. The Acadians had tried to break Italian power in the area and establish total dominance, but the Acadian was irreparably damaged in the Battle of LP-70, a point of pride for Italians even in the modern era.

Italy succumbed to a massive economic collapse when the Springfield Pact declared an embargo on Italy at the request of Acadia. Many Italians lost their jobs, the lira fell in value and the government was unable to do anything to do anything to counter the depression. Political radicalism gripped the country: pro-Coalition nationalists, technocrats, socialists, communists, monarchists, democrats, anarchists and croixists fought each other on the streets. A failed communist revolution in 2650 scared the government into enacting martial and took the attention of the three superpowers and other states. Once civil war broke out, almost every group seemingly got support from at least one foreign power. The civil war dragged on until the end of the century, when the monarchists and croixists aligned with one another and managed to overwhelm every other group while the foreign powers withdrew their support due to wars elsewhere in the galaxy. The state was renamed Nova Italia, a name meant to evoke the idea of a new Italian age.


The croixists and monarchists restored the Italian monarchy and placed Princess Renata on the throne, but the monarchs had no real power. The monarch was little more than a symbol of Italian identity. Absolute power belonged to the High Minister, who had a final say in every government decision. The former bicameral Italian Parliament was overhauled, with Senators being appointed from heads of various industries and interest groups and the Chamber of Deputies being appointed by local governments to represent them. Although an authoritarian state, Nova Italia is surprisingly confederated and its system and planetary governors have a large amount of de facto autonomy, although every local government must submit to whatever the central government dictates.

Roman Catholicism is the official state religion of Nova Italia, although the Church itself has very little political power. Other religious groups, such as Coalition State Christians, have little to no civil liberties and are considered second-class citizens. “Corrupting” political ideologies, such as liberalism and socialism, are banned and its adherents are imprisoned for unspecified amounts of time. “Internal enemies” are frequently rooted out and publically denounced by Italian propaganda. Government control of the economy is instituted through “corporations,” an old croixist idea that forces every business and labor group in the country to be represented by a government picked representative. These groups then settle disputes peacefully, with the government’s guiding hand.


The trait Nova Italia is most infamous for is its National Bank, which allows any individual or group to set up an anonymous account. The National Bank refuses to seize any assets for any party or to disclose any information on its clients, making it useful for groups and individuals whose assets would otherwise be liquidated. The Italians also refuse to extradite those within its borders, making it a safe haven for criminals, political or otherwise.

Nova Italia is rabidly isolationist and refuses to enter in any alliance with any other power, a policy adopted after Italy’s suffering at the hands of foreign intervention during the civil war. However, this does not mean Nova Italia is toothless; every Italian citizen must be trained in the military and enlist in a local militia. In the event of war, these militiamen are intended to bolster the conventional military. Italian worlds are also filled with hidden fortresses.

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