Novaya Russia
Language: Russian
Type of Government: Aristocratic-Confederate state

Novaya Rossiya is a nation on Neu Stuttgart IV founded by Russian nationalists and crime families that survived the collapse of the Soviet Union. The state is nearly non-existent and is practically a confederation lead by the competing crime families.


The collapse of the Soviet Union allowed many Russian nationalists, mostly with criminal connections, to pursue their own goals and some of them decided that a fresh start on a new world would be best. In 2361, Russian nationalist crime families seized a chain of islands from Asturia and the Holy Dominion of Christendom. The two attempted to seize the world from the Russians, but since they were disputed between them they spent as much time fighting each other as they did the invaders. The Russians also bombarded some Asturian and Dominion forces from orbit, although the Russian vessels were eventually shot down by ground-based coilguns. Nonetheless, the nationalists were ultimately victorious and proclaimed Novaya Russia.

Although many expected the competing crime families to begin fighting one another, they instead decided that a stable confederation of clearly delineated territory would be in the best interest of all. A rubber-stamp government was established with the different mob families appointing cronies or their own to prominent political positions. Novaya Russia invited plenty of foreign corporations, some native to Neu Stuttgart IV and some off-world, by being a tax haven. With the state nearly non-existent save for a military devoted to defending the islands from outside attack, most services in Novaya Russia were provided by the mafia or foreign corporations. Security, aside from bought police forces, was provided for by the mob families, which enforced their own statutes with brutal efficiency.

Low on resources and with powerful mob bosses more interested in personal gain than societal welfare, many Novaya Russians starved in the streets with nobody caring. Thanks to the bleak environment, alcoholism and drug abuse is rampant and since the crime lords profit from this the government does nothing. Many Novaya Russians sold themselves into slavery just to escape the horrid conditions; others were enslaved by gangs or unscrupulous businessmen. By the 2600s, mafia rule over Novaya Russia was crumbling, as upstart gangs began to challenge their power, but it was not enough to dislodge mafia rule and a state of extremely violent criminal activity existed until the country’s destruction during the Galactic War.

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