Outpost 101 was a hub for all auszeit prisoners. Whenever a world is captured by the SSA, they use Vacuity portals to send any survivors to Outpost 101.


In the post-Collapse era, Outposts were military bases placed at the fringes of Coalition space, usually dead worlds or terraformed worlds that were devastated during the Collapse. However, Outpost 101 was one of many exceptions to be use as the last resort of the Coalition legal system. A country of over a trillion souls, with strict, merciless laws governing every action of every man, woman and child under the cog and star will naturally have a prison problem. Most prisoners are petty criminals and are sent to cordoned-off ghettos where they will be at the mercy of others like them. Others are more difficult to handle. Political criminals are normally executed, shipped off to forced labor camps or converted into CMIs. The same goes for prisoners of war. But sometimes the Coalition receives prisoners it does not want to kill, but it wants nobody to find out about. Outpost 101 was assigned to deal with these.

However, Outpost 101 stands out for having ties to the Coalition's auszeit projects; in which any surviving inhabitants of any worlds conquered by the Coalition are interned to Outpost 101. Millions of poor souls could be sent on a good month. It is unknown how they manage to round up so many people with minimal resistance, but it is suggested with only one theory that knockout gas was used over major population centers. Once the prisoners are sent to Outpost 101, they are left on their own as Outpost 101 has no high technology aside from the Vacuity portals and therefore null any prisoner rebellion and remaining as an insignificant threat to the Coalition.

The prisoners have to make everything they have from the wild, untamed wilderness because all of their possessions are confiscated on their homeworld and sent to one of the planetary system’s moons. The more primitive auszeiters don’t mind but the downgrading really hurts the more advanced ones. In one instance one set prisoners of "democrat" American prisoners were 30% wiped out from plague in the first few months. This event transpired the SSA to consider testing new viruses on the prisoners.

The Coalition soldiers posted to guarding and monitoring Outpost 101 were indoctrinated that any auszeiters, or any non-Coalitionist, are viewed as savages. In one incident, a group of Nationalist Socialists from an advanced world that had repelled the first Coalition invasion but were utterly crushed by the second, attempted genocide against one of the neighboring groups, some formerly industrialized Arabs the Coalition Navy reduced to tribals, by using rocks, sticks and even their bare hands. The Coalition soldiers observing the atrocities amused themselves by providing the Nationalist Socialists pre-Collapse rifles and recording both auszeit massacring one another.

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