People’s Republic of Cymaline
Type of Government: Marxist state

The People’s Republic of Cymaline is one of the most powerful and feared forces in the Inner Sphere. It is regarded for having successfully united the chaotic, disorganized post-Collapse systems it currently comprises with blinding speed and efficiency. Having defeated Acadia, Solanum and the Kassel Confederation in their wars, Cymaline plays a key role as a Conseil ally and a serves as a hub for communist forces in the Inner Sphere. Politically, Cymaline is the most powerful orthodox Marxist state in the galaxy.


The systems that make up modern Cymaline were historically a hodgepodge of early American, Soviet and German colonies. The more developed worlds were utterly ravaged by the Collapse; most worlds that survived were penal colonies and dumping grounds for unruly ethnic groups. With their mutual oppressors vanquished, these groups quickly took to fighting amongst themselves, only uniting when mutual threats arise every now and then. Two factions eventually arose to prominence in the 2400s: Solanum and Cymaline. Both made it their express desire to unite the systems surrounding Sol under them and frequently took to fighting themselves when they were not fighting mutual enemies such as Acadia.

Cymaline’s rise can be attributed to two factors: its communist ideology and its massive military-industrial apparatus. Being the premier communist power in the area made Cymaline a natural ally for the Conseil Systems, which regularly supplied Cymaline with arms, technology and advisers. Its militaristic nature allowed it to survive against assault time and again. The Cymalian Wars of Unification was fought throughout the 2600s. Three separate wars were fought against Acadia, Solanum and the Kassel Confederation that Cymaline, all of which saw Cymaline triumphant. The wars were cynically conducted to draw the independent systems into Cymaline, either voluntarily or by force. By the end of the Kassel-Cymaline War in 2657, Cymaline was the most powerful military state in the Inner Sphere.


Politically, Cymaline is like its Conseil ally in that it is ruled by a de facto aristocracy of Communist Party officials. Among the most powerful of Communist Party factions are the military officials, which effectively run the country. Minor political parties, such as the Socialist Party, Social Democratic Party, Worker’s and People’s Party are allowed, so long as they are socialistic in nature. However, these parties are not allowed to win any elections and are effectively fronts for the Communist Party anyway. Cymalian communism differs from its Conseil counterpart in that it considers industrialization to be a necessary prerequisite for revolution. A unique aspect of Cymalian communism is the idea of “primitivism,” which was meant to purge the nation of “bourgeois” influence and create a blank slate by conducting mass killings of cultural intellectuals and forced deportations of “rebellious” populations to the countryside. The first “primitivization” was held shortly after the Cymalian Revolution, but they have occurred many times over Cymalian history. The Cymalian intelligence agency, the People’s Army Faction, is feared throughout the Inner Sphere for their ruthless terrorist tactics.


Like their Confederation neighbors, the Cymalian National People’s Army is focused on quick offensives designed to knock out the enemies that surround it. Cymalian tactics focus on coordinated strikes between mobile lightly-armored self-propelled artillery and quick light tanks. Artillery bombards enemy positions, forcing the enemy to either scatter where they are surrounded by Cymalian armor or to stay and fight in which case the bombardment destroys them. Sometimes, Cymalians even intentionally leave gaps in their ranks to draw the enemy deeper into their lines and scatter them for an ambush. Cymalian division commanders are given much more discretion than other communist powers. Cymalian squads are armed with heavy coilrifles, which double as light anti-armor weapons. While the rate of fire of these rifles is pitiful and they are not powerful enough to destroy tanks, they are powerful enough to destroy their tracks and immobilize them. The National People’s Army operates completely armored divisions like the Coalition Army, which comprise about 40% of their military. Cymalian armor is quick and hard-hitting, but lightly armored. Their artillery pieces are assigned to infantry and mechanized divisions. In addition to their regular artillery, the National People’s Army operates heavy nuclear artillery in separate divisions. These are meant to destroy enemy strongholds.

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